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Grooming your Maltese
Double cFirst and foremost be sure to purchase a good Maltese breed reference book. Consulting a local groomer will also be helpful.....Here are a few basics:

1. Maltese, if kept in full coat should be brushed thoroughly at least every other day. A metal pin brush with smooth rounded bristles and close tooth metal comb or a detangler comb should be used. Brush and comb clear to the skin to remove and prevent matts.

2. Nail clippers will be needed to keep toenails trim. Consult your vet or groomer for advice your first time.

3.The hair around the anus should be inspected daily for any debris which could lead to a blockage, and cleansed as necessary. Some people prefer to keep this area trimmed to avoid complications.

4. Follow a consistent routine and be very patient when grooming. In time you can teach your puppy to lay on its back and stand while grooming. To teach it to lay, lay the puppy in your lap and begin rubbing its tummy. You can then begin to groom the puppy's tummy and inside of the legs from here. To teach it to stand, use a collar and a thin show leash. Have the puppy stand on a flat surface and drape the end of the leash over your shoulder, out of the way. Command "stand" and give lots of praise and attention for good behavior. You can groom easily from the stand once the puppy learns this. Be very careful that a wary puppy doesn't leap from a table while learning. Short sessions and rewards are best.

5. Brush your puppies teeth each time you bathe. A good dental care kit can be purchased from your local pet supply dealer.

6. Bathe about every 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the coat length and how much time your maltese spends outside. Whitening shampoo and a good conditioner are recommended.

7. A good finishing spray will help to keep the coat lubricated and manageable.

8. Keep the hair on the bottom of the feet scissored off.

9. The hair growing down the inside the ears should be plucked out carefully, consult your vet.

10. Although it's impossible to completely illiminate tearing while puppies are going through the teething stages it is important to keep puppy's face clean and as dry as possible to help reduce tearstaining. Most Maltese pet owners prefer to keep the hair clipped away from the eyes. This will help to cut down on tearing caused from the facial hair brushing against the eyes, causing them to water.

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