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New Maltese Puppy Tips
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Tips on taking care of your new puppy.

Here are some basic guidelines:

1. Take your new puppy for it's first veterinarian visit within the first few days and establish a vaccination schedule. Most Maltese puppies will have received at least 2 to 3 vaccinations before leaving their breeder. Present your vet with the health record provided by your breeder. The health record should include all immunizations, wormings and any treatment that your puppy has had prior to "coming home".

*We recommend that you be very cautious at the vet since that is the the place where people take their sick animals. Never put your puppy on the floor or allow them to come in contact with any other animals while there. It is also a good idea to make sure the examination table was disinfected prior to placing your new puppy on it. Always disinfect your shoes after a visit to the veterinarians office. Bleach will kill parvovirous, Lysol will not. We keep a spray bottle of 50/50 bleach water by the door. Do not allow your new puppy to lick or chew on shoes. We personally remove ours and keep them away from our puppies access to keep the floor a safe, clean puppy play area.

2. Your new puppy will require a safe place to rest and sleep, a carrier or "den" make a nice safe haven.

3. Purchase a good Maltese Breed book and study up prior to bringing your new family member home.

4. Socialization is a very important part of your puppy's development. Spend lots of time training, playing and loving your puppy. This will create a wonderful bonding between you. Take caution not to over tire your puppy. A puppy development class/obedience class, is also a good idea, the habits learned now will last a life time.

5. If your puppy will be alone during the day, make sure plenty of safe toys and a restricted safe area are provided. An exercise pen, play yard, or an area with a tiled or linoleum floor, like the kitchen, and the exits blocked works well. Baby gates can be used to block exits...Plenty of food, water, and puppy paper or potty pads should be provided as well as safe toys...You should make arrangements to check on the puppy during the day, especially at first...A young Maltese puppy should not be left alone for extended periods.

6. Do not allow small children to handle your new puppy unless under very strict supervision. A puppy can leap from a childs arms or trip up a child causing injury to both. One cannot expect a child to understand that a puppy is a fragile living being; to a youngster he is like his stuffed dog. A young child could unknowingly cause serious injury to a small puppy.

7. Keep your puppy on the food supplied or suggested by the breeder for at least a week or two, then gradually begin mixing in the food you have chosen -or the vet recommended- if it's a different brand.

8. Call your veterinarian or breeder with questions, they are their to help. Have fun and relax. Guidelines are to help keep things safe, experience will fill in the blanks.

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