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Customer Quotes

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Hi Veronica, Alan, Leah, Sarah, Amber, Candice and "The Family Maltese"...

Well, I have to let you know that Indy is Absolutely Wonderful!!! He is as sweet as you indicated he a little more I think! His personality is just great!
I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate you allowing me to have Indy, especially since he had become such a part of your family. I sincerely believe he is the "pick of the litter". He is so affectionateand sweet...he is a joy to be around!
As I mentioned earlier, I had looked at other breeders...and while they had very nice animals, I just could not sense that they had the same level of love, commitment and desire to see that their animals are placed
in the best situation for their well-being as you do. I can tell, in all that you do, that you truly have the best interest of your "babies" in mind and that makes them all the more valuable to me and I am sure others who are fortunate enough to receive one.
When I decided back in 1999 to get another Maltese I truly wanted to get the best one available and I sincerely believe you allowed me to do that with Tiffany II. Further, when I decided to get another little one I only thought of one breeder and that was you. Thanks once more for Indy! After meeting you and ALL of your family this past Saturday I truly know how much you and your family cared for him.

Take care...

~ Roger, Tiffany and Indy. Oklahoma City, OK.~

Dear Veronica and Alan,
I want to thank both of you for allowing my husband and I to experience this most precious bundle of joy. My baby is so beautiful and we love her so much and I know that my baby comes from a loving, clean enviroment. Again, thank you, both from the bottom of our hearts.

~Sharon K. Anderson, Texas.~

"Dear Veronica and Alan,

Jenn and I just wanted to drop a quick note to you and let you know how little Penelope is doing. She was spayed two weeks ago, and is doing great. She is the best dog we have ever had and we cannot thank you enough for this little girl. We are about to move to North Nashville, where we have built a home, and now Penelope will have so much room to play. Thank you again!"

~ Adam and Jennifer. Nashville, TN. ~

"Dear Veronica and Alan,

Just wanted to drop a line to you, telling you once again, how wonderful Lily is. I won't forget when you told me about Sunshine, her mom, being soooo smart! This little baby, yes little, is brilliant and always always knows how to tell us what she wants. Not that she is demanding, in any way shape or form. She just is accomodating in all ways. She has personality and is very very beautiful, both in heart and form. She has truly bought joy in all our hearts! Ziggy and her are great pals, and have a wonderful bond!"

~ Kariene. Long Island, NY. ~

Dear Veronica, Alan, and girls...

Thank you again for being such gracious hosts. We felt so warmly welcomed and not at all like strangers.

We hope to get to see you again. You certainly went out of your way for us and we will be forever grateful. The girls are angels, and the vet was just amazed at your love and care as breeders. YOU WOULD HAVE BLUSHED at his praise. They are eating and drinking and using the paper. What more could I ask for ?? They are my little Muskateers, what precious babies they are. Ron just thinks the sun sets in them...

~ Ron & Jo Ann. Louisville, KY.~

"Rossi is doing fine...He did great at the vet. He was such a good boy. He wasn't frightened and didn't fuss in his carrier. He didn't get car sick and was just wonderful, no crying, no barking, no whinning. The vet's assistant took his temperature, weighed him and so forth and he did great. The vet said he's a very nice and very healthy pup. He examined him and cut his nails for me and we made an appointment to come back in two weeks for vaccinations. He is just the cutest thing. I can't imagine how I survived without him before he came. He's so attached to us already, and us to him. He has a way of making you feel wanted and needed and loved. He's sitting quitely on my lap right now waiting for me to finish this note...I stopped at my sister's office on the way to the vet today to introduce her to her new "nephew" and of course she too fell in love. My cleaning ladies went absolutely nuts over him. When you approach holding him there are always squeals of delight followed by tons of , "How Cute". I'm already so proud of my beautiful boy, and he's such a very good boy.

He's also been good for my weight, I haven't put him down long enough to eat! "

~ Anna. Mountainside, NJ.~

One year update:

Hi Veronica,

Just wanted to give you an update on my little boy. I have heard from Jo that you have had family illness and I feel for you in all that you are going through. My parents were sick for many years and I know how difficult it is to see our parents age and fail and how helpless the feeling of wanting to ease their pain. You are in my thoughts and prayers...

On a happier note, Rossi is the absolute joy of a lifetime...I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on furs and jewels and furnishings and you name it, but I have never in my life gotten the absolute constant pleasure from any of these things as I have from my baby. He was just what was missing from our family. He is so devoted to the two of us. You would be hard pressed to learn if he's mommy's boy or daddy's boy. He seems to have an unlimited supply of love to go around. He has the sweetest personality. He is so demure and gentile and yet such a boy. He loves to play and frolic with his daddy but is a total mush when it comes to love and kisses from mommy. He is just everything I could have hoped for and more. I have often thought what a perfect companion a Maltese would make for the elderly or for shut-in's. He is our constant companion, always at our sides and always willing to love and roll over for a belly scratch.

You would not believe how beautiful he is. His fur is so snowy white. His face so sweet and precious and his little body so perfect. He has full thick hair and can grow a new coat in 24 hours after having been trimmed. (Frankie and I can't take a picture to save our lives, so we'll have to find a professional photographer) He is a delight in every way. He still has the original toy that you sent with him and treats all of his little stuffed buddies with equal tenderness and care. He can nibble on a cookie (from aunt Jo) for three weeks, carefully carrying it from room to room until its done. He's just a total cupcake in every way. We really didn't get to celebrate his birthday but plan to this weekend. Frankie has been sick with the flu and Rossi has been standing vigil protecting his daddy. He hasn't left his bedside and cries when he can't cuddle next to him. Where else could you possibly get that sort of unconditional love?

~Anna - Mountainside, New Jersey~

"Koby is everything we could have asked for in a dog and more. He has the best temperment, he does not bark, Very important so we dont get kicked out of the apartment. He always uses his puppy pad to do his business, and he is a great all around companion. Rebecca and I could not be more pleased."


~ Justin & Rebecca. Atlanta, Ga.~

Hi Veronica...Haven't written for a while but Dixie is doing great!

She is still small and most likely still about 4 lb range. She is so pretty--very white and her hair is getting thick. She is still so playful but unfortunately the bear you gave her is past repair ( I sewed it 2-3 times) and it had to be retired. We took her camping with us and soon she felt right at home...She met some new friends (one was another Maltese puppy that wasn't nearly as pretty as Dixie) and Dixie wouldn't let her play with any of her toys just like a little child. I had a call from an Anna in New Jersey about if I was satisfied with my dog etc... and of course I highly recommended you folks and told her how happy and satisfied we are with our little "baby". The lady was very, very nice and I think she will be a good little mommy to her little male puppy. I hope she will keep in touch with me as I get so excited when I hear about Maltese puppies.

Well, I hope everything is ok down in Alabama and you are having lots of little puppies.

~ Sincerely, Jeri in Chillicothe, Ohio. ~

Dearest Veronica and Alan,

Words cannot express the love in our hearts tiny little Charles has brought Jim and me. Please know how cherished and adored he is; we know without a doubt what a loving breeder and birthfamily The Fawcett's have been to him. His first nite he let me know (gently) that he missed you. I was very reassuring and of course he responded gracious and lovingly. He went to the Vet and is absolutely perfect ------ the Vet went on and on about the obvious care the breeder had taken. Everyone at the Vet's office is in love with him!

He is eating and drinking regularly, his stool is firm and often (2-3 times daily), and he is most giving of his love. Jim and I are trying despartely not to spoil him too much.......but I fear it's hopeless! He is sleeping in his crate on the table (pushed right up to my bedside) all night. From 10:00 PM last nite to 6:00AM this morning - then out to potty on the paper on the grass. He doesn't care for grass! He now associates his harness to going to potty outside! I Think?

Listen to me I'm going on and on and you have a loving home full of children and puppies. I'm trying to tell you how blessed Jim and I are to be chosen to be the adoptive parents of one of your angels. We are absolutely bursting with smiles and love for the little guy.

Yours truly,

Gail & Jim -Hattiesburg, MS.

I'm just the happiest lady in the world! I finally have access to a computer to let you know how truly delighted I am with my boys. I have taken sooooo many pictures and will send you some as soon as I get them developed. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have gotten both together. That was the direct will of God, for sure. No joke: I have yet to see even one, itsy-bitsy thing that Marlon and/or Lefty do that isn't just the cutest thing I have ever seen. They are so funny, energetic, and LOVING. I am really in heaven now. All my boys are the reason I get up each day. They faithfully wake me no later than 7:25 a.m. each day with their histerical baby calling noises. They don't whine, they actually make this high pitched call thing that is just a scream to hear! Out we go for potty time and then our day of togetherness begins. They take regular naps - some times shmooshed up against me in every nook. At night, they play on my bed until I'm ready to get in and then they obediently scoot right into their taxi for the night. If I can't sleep, I always have them to stare at - and they never fail to make me smile till my face hurts.

I absolutely love them to bits. Lefty has gained weight to the point that you cannot tell Marlon, him, and sometimes Chandler, apart!! He still has his outrageously crazy hair doo's. Marlon always grooms his face and leaves his hair so funny looking, I could just eat them both up!! I can't imagine one without the other. When they aren't playing with me or Chandler, they are very content and imaginative playing with each other. I'm telling you, I could list hundreds of really funny things they do - they are really very special little friends.

Thank you sooooo much for allowing me the privilege of sharing my life with them. They really and truly are the best little guys in existance. Rats....I have to go right now - but I'll try to write you more soon. THANK YOU AGAIN and GOD BLESS YOU and yours always and forever with love, peace, and everlasting faith.



~Dianne -Robbinsville, NJ.~

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Just a quick email to let you know how much we love our little Maltese from Always Maltese.  'Emma' is the nicest, sweetest and most calm puppy.  She couldn't be any better for our family.  My daughter says her life wouldn't be complete without Emma.  A little dramatic, but that tells you how much we love her.  She sleeps in her crate very happily at night and she plays with us all day.  We take her many places and I always have to tell people that she is so excited because she is so friendly.  She stays right at my feet if I am ironing or doing other housework, etc.  She prefers to be next to me rather than relaxing in her bed.

We just had her fixed last month - at approx.  8 months and I held off on her rabbies vaccine until then also.  She weighs about 4 1/2 lbs. She is as cute as her original picture.

Thank you for being such good breeders!