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Maltese are generally believed to have been a domestic pet longer than any other breed. Their history dates back thousands of  years to a childs toy, carved in the likeness of a Maltese, found in an excavation from that time.

Long before the Greek and Romans attributed them to Melita, later named Malta, they were known to have been favorites in Egypt.

A well traveled breed, they were tied to the silk trade in China. Used as barter for silks, they were introduced to China in the first century. They became known as gifts to royalty throughout Egypt, China, Greece and Imperial Italy.

Re-introduced to England in the 1800's from the Phillipines, they were seriously bred in the later part of the century. With the formation of the English and American Kennel Clubs, and in the early 1900's with Maltese clubs, the refined Maltese of modern times was developed.

Maltese are a most wonderful companion, smart, sturdy and beautiful. One of mans longest known companions is still one of the very best.

tMaltese Dog History

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